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what is ebbrezza

Drunkenness is a state of cheerfulness and light-heartedness that is good for the heart.

Teonilla, a beautiful Neapolitan noblewoman who lived in Palazzo Satriano, knew this well.

Love, passion, happiness were the fundamental ingredients for success.


And so, using only these three ingredients, first "Le Fattorie Teonilla" was born, from which a noble wine will soon go into production and shortly after, in a silent, shaded courtyard, "L'Ebbrezza di Teonilla" opens, a refined restaurant where you can sip fine wines accompanied by delicious dishes.

L'Ebrezza di Noe _ Vico Satriano © Marco Baldassarre-102.jpg
L'Ebrezza di Noe _ Vico Satriano © Marco Baldassarre-108.jpg
L'Ebrezza di Noe _ Vico Satriano © Marco Baldassarre-97.jpg


The secret of our cuisine is authenticity

Our idea was born from the desire to propose a direct and sincere cuisine based on traditional recipes sometimes revisited, using raw materials from our territory and entrusting ourselves to Dario and Antonio, aware minds and hearts in love with our land

L'Ebrezza di Noe _ Vico Satriano © Marco Baldassarre-102.jpg

Noe and Theonilla

Legend has it that Noe, after 23 years of navigation, dropped anchor right in the cloister of Teonilla….just one glance was enough and it was immediately an inebriation of love! Teonilla's drunkenness is a tale of passion but also of dedication and experience.



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